Friday, January 29, 2010


A. Observe the quality and progress of the construction to determine in general that it is proceeding in accordance with the Contract Documents. Notify the Owner, Architect/Engineer and School Building Authority project representative immediately if, in the Clerk-of-the-Works opinion, work does not conform with the Contract Documents or requires special investigation
by the Owner, Architect/Engineer or Contractor.

B. Monitor the construction progress and assist in the preparation of progress reports required by the Owner or School Building Authority.

C. Review Contract Documents with the Contractor's superintendent so as to have a complete understanding of the scope of the project.

D. Consider the Contractor's suggestions and recommendations, evaluate them, discuss them with the Architect/Engineer, Owner and the School Building Authority's representative and assist the Architect/Engineer when applicable in making a final decision.

E. Attend project meetings as the Owner's representative and report to the Owner in writing on the proceedings.

F. Observe tests required by the Contract Documents. Review testing invoices, if any, to be paid by the Owner.

G. Maintain records at the construction site or as directed by the Owner in an orderly manner in accordance with the Owner's and School Building Authority's procedures. Include correspondence where applicable, such as Contract Documents, Change Orders, Construction Change Authorizations, Architect's/Engineers Supplemental Instructions, reports of site
conferences, Shop Drawings, Product Data, Samples, supplementary drawings, color schedules, requests for payment, names and addresses of contractors, subcontractors and principal material suppliers.

H. Keep a log book containing project progress and reports and submit reports on the progress of the Contractor's work to the Owner, and the School Building Authority's project representative. The log must contain activities related to the project, weather conditions, nature and location of work being performed. The Project Architect/Engineer will provide
Observation Construction Reports documenting his site visits.

I. When applicable, provide assistance to the Architect/Engineer upon request in reviewing Shop Drawings, Product Data and Samples.
Article by : Mr Hanyuk Wan - founder of Inspector/Clerk of Work Club on facebook

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