Monday, November 22, 2010

Think Wisely, Choose Safety

Come join our seminar for this December.

Title : One Day Seminar : Think Wisely, Choose Safety
Venue : Merdeka Palace Hotel, Kuching, Sarawak
Date : 15 December 2010


SAFETY. When people hear this word, they only think about construction sites, factories, heavy industries, etc. But what about Home Safety? Personal Safety? Workplace Safety? Most of us are complacent about these as we think it is common sense and not related to us.

Think Wisely, Choose Safety is a one day seminar that will guide participants on personal safety, home safety, etc. Speakers from various organizations related to these issues will offer their opinions and advice as well as high-lighting the importance of thinking and protecting our-selves anywhere.

1. To promote a safe lifestyle
2. To create safety awareness everywhere

Target Group
1. Employees
2. Housewives
3. Human Resource Personnel
4. Any Interested individual

For more information, please contact Mr Ahmad Zaki or Mr
Muhammad Julaihi at:

NIOSH Sarawak Regional Office
No. 90, Sublot 11, Lot 324,
Section 54, Jalan Petanak,
93100 Kuching
Tel : 082-256500
Fax : 082-253020
Email :

or kindly visit our website and download the brochure.

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